Participating in the Saidaiji Eyo



※There will not be a place to change your clothes for participants on the day of the event.
In addition, we will not introduce you to a place to change your clothes.

Please do not change your clothes in public facilities or on the street.

Necerrary Items to Prepare

White Loincloth

Write your name, blood type, address, and emergency contact information (for family, etc.) on the lining of your loincloth.

White tabi socks

Only white tabi socks are permitted.


Participants will be exposed to serious danger.
If injuries or fatalities occur, neither the Hosan-Kai nor Kannon-in will take any responsibility. Upon your agreement with the above, if you participate, you must take full responsibility for yourself and take steps to protect yourself.


Prohibited Actions

●You may not participate if you have consumed any alcohol.

*If you are found drinking alcohol, you will be removed to outside the entrance.

●Participation is not allowed if you have any tattoos or if you are wearing footwear other than white tabi socks.

●Violence and fights onsite are prohibited.

●You may not have a smart phone with you or wear glasses, necklaces, earrings, or any other jewelry.

*We do not provide temporary safekeeping of such items.

●Competing for possession of the shingi sticks outside of the temple precincts is prohibited.*You cannot become a fuku otoko (lucky man) by obtaining the shingi stick in this manner.

●From 21:00 on, you may not wear hachimaki towels or happi jackets, and your companions may not enter the temple precincts.


●Please learn how to protect yourself (by holding your hands up, refraining from linking arms, etc.) prior to participating.

●If you are feeling ill, please leave the area during the temporary halting of the jostling thirty minutes prior to the throwing of the shingi sticks.

●Please remember that photos may be taken for promotional purposes.

●If you take possession of a shingi stick, immediately dedicate it to the Saidaiji Eyo Hosan-Kai (inside the Saidaiji Branch of the Okayama Chamber of Commerce & Industry).

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